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We build beautiful websites & create engaging online experiences.

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Our Story

Truth Lighthouse got its start out of necessity. Whenever people search for a new church, they immediately turn to the internet for information. However, many churches cannot afford professional websites which leads to an inability to attract new members in the modern era. This ultimately causes big churches to get bigger and small churches to get smaller.

That is where Truth Lighthouse comes in. We not only build websites for churches and Christian ministries, we serve as a full service internet administrator for small to medium size ministries. We offer professional services and design at affordable prices. Additionally, we make our prices transparent and freely available on our public website.




What We Do

We are brand experts and specialize in increasing your internet presence. Whether it be through social media, a professional website, or video presence, we can help with it all.

  • Social Media Administration
  • Internet Media Publication
  • Christian Ministry Web Design

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